Schut Papier


Partner in creation

Tailor-made paper

Schut Papier is a prominent and versatile manufacturer of high-quality, non-coated paper varieties. Our strength lies in the production of tailor-made products in accordance with the specific wishes of our clients. Schut can manufacture your own paper variety from as little as 2 tons.

Our specialties include artists' paper, graphic paper, colored paper and technical paper. We also specialise in applying surface textures and watermarks. The use of various ingredients and tailor-made preparations enables us to anticipate the market's range of wishes quickly and flexibly.

Unique know-how
With centuries of experience in producing non-coated quality paper, Schut Papier now has a unique know-how of paper, colours and fibre technology. This know-how is also represented in the continued innovation and improvement of our product applications. To that end, we have modern research facilities and our own lab. We also continue to work on the technical improvement of our machines, aimed at delivering state of the art quality, improved efficiency and optimisation of the environmental process.

Schut Papier

Partners in paper innovation
With a relatively small production unit and a range of 55 to 600 g/m2,we are able to develop new paper products in close consultation with our clients. There are no restrictions in terms of size, thickness and color. We can also use various types of fibres. Thanks to this ideal combination of scale, the machine's capacity and our unique know-how of paper technology we can guarantee a wide range of high-quality paper products.

Paper varieties of Schut Papier
For the descriptions of our paper varieties, we use the following classification:
Artists' paper such as watercolor paper, sketching and drawing paper, oil paint and acrylic paper
Graphic paper is used for professional stationery, cards, also specialist valuable and safety paper
Coloured paper we produce all colors, ranging from white to the deepest of black
Technical paper we deliver filter and tissue paper for laboratories and base paper for vulcanisation processes

Schut Papier
Quality assurance
Schut Papier stands for a high-quality and durable product, in every aspect. Modern craftsmanship combined with new technologies, a unique know-how and, of course, the use of the purest raw materials and the purity of our production process guarantee this. In addition, our know-how of dyes and pigments translates into unequalled color fastness and color continuity. The high quality of our products is guaranteed by continuous quality control. With the products of Schut Papier we show that quality and affordability can be well combined, this is reflected in our high quality products at competitive prices.
Reliable and future-oriented
The history of Schut Papier dates back to 1618. Since 1998, we have been an independently operating part of the strong French group Exacompta Clairefontaine S.A. Thanks to our continued focus on new areas of application, we have grown to become a powerful organisation with customers around the world.
Social corporate responsibility
For a future-oriented organisation such as Schut Papier, practising social corporate responsibility goes without saying. We are for instance FSC and PEFC-certified. We buy our raw materials from sustainably cut forests and only use chlorine-free bleached pulp. The pure water we use in our production process is recycled and we also continue to work on reducing our energy and water consumption.
Pleasant collaboration
Schut Papier is a reliable organisation that is happy to contribute to your success. As such, you will find Schut Papier to be an expert and pleasant partner that stands for unique paper innovations, an excellent service and top quality.

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