Base paper

Base paper
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Base Paper

For any kind of vulcanised processes (specialised and small volumes). 

For labels, wallpapers and food papers (Schut Papier can apply a food approved barrier coating)

Base Paper is also used as a layer paper, which is a semi finished paper for other processes.
Most of times the product is build up in several different layers.
The intention of this premium high quality paper is to process it further by using coatings, laminates or other finishes.
The paper has to be of a high pure quality and have to have a high percentage of fibers. It depends on the process which ingredients are added to the paper.

Examples of final products which contain base paper are dashboards of cars, laminates for furniture, sandpaper.



Base paper

Minimum quantity From 2 tonnes
Gram From 300 to 730 
Fiber Cotton, Cellulose (short and long fiber) Virgin
Sizing Non
Surface In general mat is used
Sizes Reels and sheets
Color To be discused
Absorption 850-2000 gsm
Wet-strength To be discussed
To be discussed






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