The leading light in color

Schut Papier in Heelsum (NL) is an international trend-setter in terms of manufacturing tailor made colored paper in small volumes. Two tonnes is the base level for the production of an original type of paper in any color required. We manufacture the entire range of colors between white and deep black, in pastel colors and intensive shades plus any kind of surface structure, in full accordance with the customer's specifications. Thus the required color, brightness and high wool scale in perfect paper quality at a competitive price. This is ideal for special printed matter, envelopes, for use in stationary specialities and lots of more colorfull purposes.

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3 mei 2018 - Schut “ loofpapier” # wordt meerdere malen geroemd in circulaire rapporten , om trots op te zijn
7 april 2018 - Schutpapier zoekt 2 jonge proces/ chem technologie hts ers traditioneel en nieuwe technologie samen brengen tel 0317 319110
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