Unique opportunities
For upscaling from lab-scale to a production environment, research and development in a reliable environment is important to ensure the feasibility of innovations.

At Schut Papier in Heelsum we know that innovation and development are vital if companies are to continue to exist in the future. We offer these research and development solutions at our small and flexible machine on industrial scale.

High quality paper is produced daily in Heelsum but, as well as being a production company, Schut Papier also offers the opportunity to run pilots to simulate operational conditions. This enables customers to conduct every important test to clarify feasibility in advance before going live on large paper machines.


And our production and test facilities are not the only option available; it is also possible to expand knowledge together with our technologists. Our laboratory is entirely at your disposal for this.

Through close consultation throughout the process, we are even able to implement any required process adaptations.

Paper machine, coater, people and laboratory are available for pilot productions and tests. Of course, this work is carried out in complete confidentiality and confidentiality agreements are formulated and signed.

Possibilities include innovative processes, feasibility studies and process optimization.


Please contact us for more information.

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