Four centuries of paper history


The story of Schut Papier takes us back to the Dutch Golden Age. As society grew more prosperous, numerous paper mills arose in the Veluwe to take advantage of the clean water and the power of the fast-flowing streams.
Foundations in the Dutch Golden Age
In 1618 ‘De Veentjes', a water mill with a paper mill, is founded in Heelsum.
Schut takes over
In 1710, the factory is sold to the family Schut, who focus on producing quality paper.
Switch to steam power
In 1895, the entire factory burns down. A new one is built with steam powered machines replacing the water mill.
The ‘last’ Schut
In 1977, the last descendant of the Schut family leaves the company.
New management
In 1982, the ownership of the Schut family’s shares are transferred to “De Gelderse Papiergroup NV”. This leads to the manufacture of the original, world renowned ‘Van Gelder Oud Hollands’ laid paper and envelopes, with and without watermark and with deckle edges.
A healthy future
On 1 July 1998, Papierfabriek Schut B.V. becomes a subsidiary of the French group Exacompta Clairefontaine S.A. Schut Papier operates autonomously to a large extent within the group. This lays the foundations for a healthy future.


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