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Ready for short runs


Schut Papier has a relatively small-scale production unit. With a range of 55 to 600 g/m², we can produce a wide variety of paper types, without restrictions on size, thickness or color. We can also employ different types of fibre.
We use knowledge pooling to continuously upgrade our machine and deliver state of the art quality, improve efficiency and optimise our environmental process technology.
Just have a small look in our production
and see how paper is made


24 februari 2017 - Afval=grondstof. Van restanten tomatenplanten maken wij op-en-top circulaire verpakkingen: https://t.co/klNS9sqsW0… https://t.co/ObPQ53Kue8
24 februari 2017 - Wie komt onze technische dienst versterken? https://t.co/7AjuDgO6h0
15 februari 2017 - Gaaf! @SchutPapier levert dit materiaal onder andere voor @Audi en @Airbus! #Papier https://t.co/OzivoQuguF