Sustainability is in our DNA

For a forward-looking organisation like Schut Papier, corporate social responsibility is self-evident. We are FSC and PEFC certified and continually work with targeted programmes to reduce our energy and water consumption. We reuse the water from our production processes as often as possible.
And we go further: we develop innovative programmes to use fibres from waste streams for bio-based paper products.

A sound safety policy is also a prime concern of ours, which resulted in winning the VNP ARBO trophy in 2012.

We are member of a network which makes it possible to work on biobased innovations. In the following film, you can see how

Customization is our strength

Headquartered in Heelsum, Schut Papier is a leading manufacturer of high-quality uncoated paper. Our strength lies in our versatility: we make customised products to the exact specifications of our clients. We can produce your own paper for an order of only 2 tons.With centuries of experience in manufacturing quality uncoated paper, Schut Papier has unrivalled expertise in paper, colours and fibre technology. We use this knowledge to continuously innovate.

For having a view into our mill, please have a look at


Partner in Creation

The paper products which are producing for our clients are developed in close consultation. There are no restrictions on format, thickness or colour. We can also use different types of fibre. Our innovative concepts are backed by our modern research facilities and laboratory.
Our compact organisation allows us to respond fast and flexibly and stand by you every step of the process.

We can also act as a pilot plant for new products in the lead up to bulk production elsewhere. In this way, we can be your partner for launching brand new products on the market.

The logo says it all

Our history begins back in 1618 but Schut Papier has only ever looked forward. Our contemporary, colourful logo is a reflection of the modern approach to the market that has kept us going strong for so long: we innovate, we respond to the client.

The four bands of colour represent our four business segments. For the baseline, we used the colour of our proud 'roots': the orange of the great trading nation, the Netherlands.

The sky's the limit

Our market segments are divided into four specialisms: Artists paper, Technical paper, Graphical paper and Coloured paper.
While this shows how versatile we are, it also suggests that our skills are limited to these four areas. They are not!

We can respond to the most diverse market needs using different ingredients and custom formulations. In other words, we can make anything. Challenge us with your request: together we will find the solution.

24 november 2015 - Ook Jerien Alkemade en Henk van Houtum namens papier- en kartonsector op het podium. Inschrijven kan nog altijd!
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